For Cafes

Want to spend less on disposable cups and contribute more to a greener future?

Encourage your community to reduce cup waste & support reforestation with the BYO app program

Why BYO?

Cut down on your disposable cup expenses


How much does your business spend on disposable cups? 


Establishing a bring-your-own-cup culture in your cafe means you can purchase fewer single-use cups, lids, and sleeves – while also saving on garbage removal related costs.

Deepen your relationships with your customers


A 2021 IBM global study showed that 55% of consumers report “sustainability is very or extremely important to them when choosing a brand”.

We know cafes are the heart of their neighbourhoods. Be a sustainability leader in your community by supporting your customers in transitioning to reusables.

Normalize reuse culture in Metro Vancouver


Metro Vancouver threw out 174 million cups in 2020.


Municipalities such as Vancouver, Richmond, and Surrey (and many more pending) are implementing regulations on single-use items. Are you and your customers ready to ditch disposables?

BYO in Action

BYO is currently in its beta stage with several Vancouver cafes. We look forward to bringing on more cafes for the rest of this year!

Kind Cafe

A zero-waste eatery in Mount Pleasant serving up vegan eats and treats and retail grocery items.


Teaspoons & Co.

A family-run tea shop in Downtown serving up bubble tea of the highest quality.

Bump N Grind Cafe

A down-to-earth coffee shop on Commercial Drive serving up cozy drinks and eats.

Location:  916 Commercial Dr, Vancouver

Cup sizes: 12oz and 16oz

Protocol: When your drink is called, place your cup on the pick-up counter. The staff will pour it directly into the cup contactless.*

Cha Yuan

A local tea shop providing the Yaletown community with healthier bubble tea alternatives.

Location: 1223 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver

Cup size: ~700mL

Protocol: Give your cup to the staff when ordering (hold onto your lid and straw).*


A cozy bakeshop located in the heart of UBC serving up homebaked pastries and desserts, drinks, and jams sourced locally from the UBC farm.

Location: 3322 Shrum Lane, Vancouver, BC

Cup size: 10oz and 16oz

Protocol: Staff will only accept clean cups so make sure it’s clean before bringing it in!



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