BYO Challenge

The BYO Challenge is an Instagram based campaign to bring visibility to bring-your-own-container (byoc) practices in Metro Vancouver where the contributors are community members. It is co-organized by @byovancouver and — two organizations that are passionate about promoting reuse. Goals of this campaign include:

  • Inspire viewers to byoc by sharing stories and posts about other people’s byoc trips
  • Act as a hub for byoc places in Metro Vancouver where people can both reference and contribute
  • Tangibly create consumer demand for byoc so more businesses will be comfortable promoting the practice

How do I participate?

    1. Go to a favourite business that accepts byoc (think cafe, restaurant, bakery, deli counter) and make a purchase with your reusable cup/containers. Document your trip with photos and/or videos.
    2. Share your trip on Instagram as a story or post. See below for text ideas.
    3. Tag @byovancouver and the business.

And that’s it! Then, @byovancouver will put your story or post into their Highlights or Guides. Over time, these Highlights and Guides will be filled with byoc trips from different people and different businesses – acting as byoc info hubs.

Here are some things you may consider writing about in your story/post:

    • Tips for an easy byoc trip
    • Shoutout to the business for being byoc friendly
    • Why you choose to byoc
    • Encourage viewers to participate in the BYO Challenge
    • Use #showusBYO, #ibringmyown, #byohero


We look forward to seeing your byoc trips!