Beta Launch


Beta Testing Underway

BYO is currently in its testing phase! You can download the app and register an account for free.

Android users: get it directly from the Google Play Store

Apple users: get it from Apple TestFlight

Where can I use the app?

For this round of testing we have 2 pilot cafes where you can use the app. When you bring your cup to purchase a drink at these cafes, kindly let the cafe staff know you’re using the BYO app and scan the QR code provided.

What’s this BYO Tree Fund?

To add an extra layer of fun and sustainability, our program plants a tree for every 5 cups a user saved. Tree planting at BYO is funded by the users. At point of purchase, the 5¢ BYO Tree Fund will be added to your bill. The BYO Tree Fund covers the cost of tree planting and administration. Our tree planting partner for this pilot is Eden Reforestation Project.

Meet our cafes

In future versions of the BYO app, you’ll be able to see information about each cafe in the app. For now, here are the “Cafe Profiles”:



Kind Cafe

A zero-waste eatery in Mount Pleasant serving up vegan eats and treats and retail grocery items.

Location: 3080 Main Street, Vancouver

Cup sizes: 8oz and 12oz

Covid-19 Protocols: Your drink will be prepared in an in-store mug. At a designated table, you will pour the drink into your own travel cup.* See Kind Cafe’s  byoc policy.


Teaspoons & Co.

A family-run tea shop in Downtown serving up bubble tea of the highest quality.

Location: 1020 Howe Street, Vancouver

Cup size: 18oz

Covid-19 Protocols: Sanitize your hands when you enter the store and place your cup on the drink counter (you can hold onto your lid). The staff will clean the cup and make your drink accordingly.*

*at the time of this writing. Policies may change as the pandemic situation changes.