About Us

     We believe that small, everyday actions have the power to change the world

Who we are

BYO exists because we ourselves know firsthand how powerful individual actions can be. First it starts with a curious thought, then an action, then another action, and then you realize that not only have you developed a new habit but you’ve also developed a new perspective.

This is exactly how we got interested in sustainability. For us, doing small acts of green built a habit of critically questioning our social-environmental systems, a curiosity to educate ourselves, and a drive to take more action. We started from taking individual actions (avoiding single-use plastics, saving energy around the home, etc) to participating in larger-scale collective actions (supporting social-environmental movements led by marginalized groups, writing to our governments, etc).

We believe our work at BYO is more than just saving cups. We see bring-your-own-cup as an entry point to a larger shift in our current habits and ways of thinking about the systems around us. We hope our program inspires community members to slow down and think about their role as an individual and how they fit into the larger collective working towards a greener, more just future.



1. You might already be bringing your own cup to buy drinks — get rewarded for it!​

2. Track your impact: see how many disposable cups you’ve saved and trees you’ve planted

3. Never doubt the power of small, individual actions


1. Your customers may already be bringing their own cups. Why not elevate your sustainability impact via planting trees with the BYO app?

2. Show your customers how you’re stepping up to be a sustainability leader

3. Never doubt the power that businesses have in shaping their communities