Bring your own cup

Reduce waste & support reforestation with every cup saved!

Why BYO?  

With BYO, never again doubt the power of small, everyday actions.
For coffee and bubble tea drinkers, track your positive impact with the app and see how individual actions can accumulate to meaningful collective impact. For cafes, show your community how you’re stepping up to be a sustainability leader.

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How does BYO work?

BYO is an app that encourages customers to bring their own cup through a reward system — enhancing the bring-your-own-cup experience.

1. Download the App
Create an account on the app for free

2. Bring your own cup
Visit a participating cafe with your favourite reusable cup in hand.

3. Scan for points
When purchasing a drink, scan a QR code provided by the staff

4. Every 5 cups = 1 tree
A small portion of your discount will be allocated towards tree planting

5. Get rewarded
Earn points with every cup saved towards discounts and goodies!


Vancouver throws away 2.6 million cups every week

Produce. Use. Dispose.

This linear resource-intensive system fuelled by society’s convenience culture has normalized single-use containers at the expense of ecosystems and human health. From recycling to bioplastics, current solutions sustain the linear status quo without addressing why we are producing disposables in the first place. One solution that we don’t see being leveraged enough, however, is encouraging people to bring their own cups. That’s what we want to do at BYO.

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